What percentage of Canadians are planning a summer vacation this year? New survey data proves surprising

How many Canadians are planning a summer vacation this year? New survey data proves surprising

TORONTO — You’d never know it from the sky-high booking levels travel retailers and wholesalers are seeing these days – but according to a new survey, only 25% of Canadians say they’re planning a vacation this summer.

The survey, released today by HelloSafe, polled 984 Canadians.

Out of the 25% of Canadians who say they plan to go on vacation this summer, 69% say they intend to spend their vacations in Canada.

The remainder (31%) plan to travel abroad.

Of those planning trips this summer, in addition to the 69% doing Canadian getaways, another 9.6% are heading to the U.S., 9.4% are going to Europe, 6.8%

to South America, and 5.4% to other destinations.

The survey also polled Canadians about travel durations. Among respondents who said they would travel this summer, 29.8% were planning 1-week vacations, and an almost equal percentage (29.6%) were planning 2-week vacations. A small number (5.4%) of respondents are eyeing 3-week vacations, and 12.2% are lucky enough to be planning vacations of more than 3 weeks. Just under a quarter (23%) were planning vacations of less than 1 week.

The survey looked at vacation budgets too. Of those who said they would travel this summer, one-third (33.8%) said they have a budget of $1,500+ per person for their summer vacation. About 1 in 10 (10.8%) said they expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 on their summer vacation. And 25.7% of Canadians are planning a vacation budget of less than $500.

Just as interesting as the stats on how Canadians are travelling this summer, are the stats on why they’re not travelling.

According to the survey, out of those respondents who said they’re not planning summer vacations, three in 10 (29.9%) blamed inflation. Almost the same number (28.5%) said they’re planning staycations at home, or planning to travel at another time of year (34.7%).

And while the worst of the pandemic seems to have passed, and travel has fully reopened, 6.9% say they will not be going on holiday this summer because of the pandemic.

HelloSafe is a platform for comparing financial products (insurance, credit, investments) in Canada. The complete survey can be found here.

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