What Belgium’s national strike will mean for Brussels Airlines & Air Canada passengers

What Belgium’s national strike will mean for Brussels Airlines & Air Canada passengers

BRUSSELS — In anticipation of Belgium’s national strike, Brussels Airlines will be cancelling 100% of its flights on Feb. 13.

Last week, the airline cancelled 28 flights out of a total 222 originally planned for that day, and re-accommodated its passengers on other flights.

On Feb. 7, in light of new information about the scale of the strike, it announced it will reduce its offer by an additional 122 flights, or 68% of its total service planned for Feb. 13, impacting 11,288 passengers.

Today, the carrier now considers it “very probable” that operations at Brussels Airport will be severely impacted due to industrial action of various airport stakeholders. As a result, it has decided to cancel the remaining 72 flights on Feb. 13, which means the cancellation of its entire program of 222 flights.

Over 16,000 passengers are said to be impacted.

With the proactive cancellation of its flight program on Feb. 13, Brussels Airlines is offering its guests the chance to adapt their travel plans in advance, minimizing the level of disruption that’s being generated by the national strike as much as possible.

Passengers with a cancelled flight who don’t wish to travel anymore can request a full refund f their ticket.

For rebookings, guests can contact their travel agency or Brussels Airlines via the Brussels Airlines Service Center under +32 2 723 23 62, or via Facebook and Twitter.

Refunds can be requested online on www.brusselsairlines.com/refund  or via travel agencies.

Air Canada has also responded to the strike, implementing a policy that makes it possible for travellers to make voluntary changes to their itinerary. The policy applies to those who’ve purchased an Air Canada ticket not later than Feb. 5, 2019 for travel on Feb. 12 or 13, 2019, or passengers whose itinerary includes a flight to, from or via Brussels (BRU).

Travellers can contact Air Canada Reservations (1-888-247-2262) to change their flight free of charge, to another date between now and Feb. 28, 2019.

The national strike in Belgium is set to take place on Feb. 13, officially running from 10 p.m. the night before to 10 p.m. the night of Feb. 13. According to the Brussels Times, unions are striking over wages within the Group of Ten, an organization comprised of unions and managers.

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