Bomb Threat

WestJet plane lands safely in Saskatoon after bomb threat

SASKATOON – A WestJet flight bound for Edmonton from Halifax was diverted to Saskatoon on Saturday morning following a bomb threat.

Police in Saskatoon said in a news release that the force’s bomb disposal unit responded to John Diefenbaker Airport after a threat was made about an explosive device on a plane that left Halifax.

The release said the plane landed safely and that all passengers and crew were safely removed from the aircraft.

WestJet spokesman Robert Palmer said there were 147 passengers and a crew of six aboard the Boeing 737-800 that was diverted at around 9:30 a.m. CST.

Kelsie Fraser, a spokesperson for the Saskatoon police, said on Saturday afternoon that passengers were still being interviewed by investigators at the airport.

“Once they’re finished being interviewed, they’re released back into the care of WestJet,” Fraser said.

WestJet said passengers were provided with food and water while police investigated and that they were expected to reach their final destinations later in the day.

Police said they were still looking into the incident and Fraser wouldn’t release what agency received the threat.

The aircraft remained sitting on the sun-baked tarmac away from the terminal with the baggage still on board through the afternoon, but police agreed to remove a pet carrier containing two cats.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds – the officer who did it had to wear an explosives protection suit in 32 C heat.

“It’s a very, very hot suit on the best of days,” Fraser said.


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