WestJet hosts Travel Agent Advisory Board at two-day conference
Row 4: Jane Clementino (WestJet), Anita Paton, Colin Braganza, David Burton, Brian Pereira, Krista Shaver, Melissa Ross, Stephanie Lloyd-Jones; Row 3: Shannon Cunningham (WestJet), Sheri Weir, Monte Elniski, Christa Tracey-Frost, Kenneth Stewart, Karla Hatfield, Neena Kapoor, Jacqueline Macdonald, Kristi Rhodes, Matthew Djorsev (WestJet); Row 2: Judy Kincaid, Yogitaben Raniga, Laura Hopkins, Oksana Mashchak, Casandra Wagner, Janet Lace, Janice Thys, Erika Emerson, Sarah Simpson, Emily Spadafora (WestJet); Row 1: Suzanne Soloway, Rosetta Giampa, Erin Hill, Linda Schulz, Fabiola Machuca Lopez, Tabatha Bennett, Rita Sanduja, Meredith O’Neil.

WestJet hosts Travel Agent Advisory Board at two-day conference

CALGARY — More than 30 travel agents joined WestJet for its WestJet Travel Agency Advisory Board (TAAB) at the WestJet Campus in Calgary, where the agenda included brainstorming sessions, a tour of the WestJet Campus and hangar, and presentations from WestJet guest speakers on topics including network planning, WestJet Rewards, WestJet Vacations, guest experience, marketing and communications.

The WestJet TAAB members also had the chance to share their feedback and engage with WestJet employees face-to-face.

“This conference was a great opportunity to have an open discussion about what WestJet is doing right, and where we can improve to ensure we’re delivering the products and services the travel agent community is looking for,” said Jane Clementino, WestJet Director, Agency Sales. “Since the creation of the TAAB in 2015, we’ve really embraced their feedback to better serve our industry partners and become even easier to do business with.”

WestJet has implemented more than 25 material enhancements since 2015 thanks to the contributions of the TAAB, she added.

WestJet TAAB members serve a two-year term and for many, this was their final meeting.

“We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our second year TAAB members for their continued partnership and their dedication to this committee. WestJet wouldn’t be where it is today without their invaluable feedback,” said Clementino. “We’re looking forward to the insights our 2017/2018 members will bring and the initiatives we will be able to implement as a result of their engagement.”

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