We’re all crying (again) over new videos from Air Canada & Air Transat

We’re all crying (again) over new videos from Air Canada & Air Transat

MONTREAL — Leave it to some of Canada’s top airlines to leave us all in tears.

After feeling all warm and fuzzy over WestJet’s annual Christmas video, we’re once again boo-hooing over new emotional videos from Air Canada and Air Transat.

Air Canada once again surprised travellers with its arrival gate pop-ups in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Washington and Tokyo airports, where its pilots and flight attendants offered gifts like giant teddy bears and balloons to arriving customers on select flights. But a few lucky guests got the biggest surprise of all in the form of free tickets to help shorten the time between visits with their family and friends.

“Coming home for the holidays is an emotional and personal experience for many of us, full of the excitement and anticipation that come from reunions with loved ones,” says Andy Shibata, Managing Director, Brand at Air Canada. “No matter if home is here in Canada or abroad, it’s our honour to fly our Customers home for the holidays and reunite them with friends and family.”

To push you over the edge into ugly-cry territory is Air Transat, whose latest campaign features a group of British expats participating in a ‘homesickness’ study. A series of hilarious tests were done to trigger an emotional response, but by the end of the video, it was revealed the best cure for homesickness are tickets back home to see their loved ones.

If the holidays are going to be this emotional every year, we all need to brace ourselves now for next year’s batch of videos!

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