WestJet adds Europe flights to refund-eligible list
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We asked, WestJet answered: 13 months vs. 24 months for unused credits

TORONTO — WestJet says it’s looking into a discrepancy with expiry timelines for open / unused credits for cancelled WestJet flights, on the WestJet Agent portal versus on the consumer site.

A Toronto-based agent reached out to Travelweek with his concerns. “Are you made aware that [agents] booking on the WestJet Agent portal for their cancelled flights are only able to rebook for 13 months instead of the 24 months on the consumer site? I think this is a huge slap in the face of travel agents.”

We checked in with WestJet for an answer and spokesperson Lauren Stewart said the airline is looking into the situation.

“We thank this agent for their feedback and are taking this under consideration. Travel agents are valued partners to WestJet and we apologize for this inconvenience during this difficult period for the industry.”

She adds: “At this time, Travel Agent unused tickets follow industry standard 13 month expiry. WestJet will allow tickets to be reissued within 13 months from the original date of departure, and travel can be any time until end of our posted schedule (331 days in advance at time of rebook).”

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