Watch two-year-old boy take a spin on baggage belt at Atlanta airport

Watch two-year-old boy take a spin on baggage belt at Atlanta airport

ATLANTA — It can be hard finding things to do at an airport. But one little boy at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport managed to bypass boredom completely by taking a spin on the baggage belt.

The two-year-old boy was caught on security camera crawling onto the baggage conveyor belt behind the Spirit Airlines ticket counter this past Monday. According to news reports, his mother briefly looked away to print their boarding passes from a kiosk when the incident occurred. By the time she noticed he was missing, he was already at the end of the belt.

“I wanted to jump in and try to go get him but they didn’t allow me. I was just freaking out,” she said.

Additional security footage shows the boy struggling to climb out of a TSA X-Ray machine before finally ending up in a baggage inspection room where airport staffers calmly retrieved him from the baggage belt. His entire joyride lasted approximately five minutes from start to finish.

Though the boy did not appear to be in much distress in the video, news reports also say that he “ended up with cuts to his arm and a fractured hand.”

In an official statement, the airport said: “Officers with Atlanta Police and Atlanta Fire and Rescue responded to an incident at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Monday afternoon involving a small child who accessed the automated baggage screening system via the Spirit Airlines ticket counter. The child was transported to a local hospital for observation and treatment. The Transportation Security Administration and other partners are also assisting with the investigation into the incident.”

We’re glad the brave little boy is all right. Let’s hope he and mom eventually managed to catch their flight!