Watch this couple miss their cruise ship by mere seconds

Watch this couple miss their cruise ship by mere seconds

THE BAHAMAS — Stop that boat! A new video of a couple missing their cruise ship by mere seconds in The Bahamas has gone viral and it’s almost too heartbreaking to watch.

The YouTube channel Reel Focus recently posted the six-minute video, which was shot by an onlooker from the top deck of the neighbouring Norwegian Bliss. According to Reel Focus, the Symphony of the Seas, which the down-on-their-luck couple was sailing with, waited approximately 20 minutes before shutting down the gangway.

While dock workers are pulling the ropes off the boat, the tardy couple arrives and is seen attempting to wave down the ship as it sails away from the harbor. “Nooooo!” the woman can be heard yelling while onlookers laugh.

The couple then walks towards the stern of the ship where they start pleading with a cruise line representative standing onboard. But all hope is lost when the ship’s thrusters are turned on, leaving the couple in the dust.

To add insult to injury, the ship’s horn happily blasts three times while the couple stands forlornly on the dock.

With the ship long gone, the man can still be seen pacing along the dock, yelling at crew members onboard. We doubt he was wishing them all bon voyage.

Let this be a lesson to all cruisers – always arrive early or risk missing the boat!

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