Watch this bridge in China shatter beneath people’s feet

Watch this bridge in China shatter beneath people’s feet

HEBEI, CHINA – Well, here’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

A bridge in Hebei, China is making the rounds on social media not for the fact that it hangs 3,871 feet above sea level, but because it shatters beneath your feet as you walk across it.

This past weekend, a video of a tour guide walking on the glass bridge went viral in China. In it, he is seen falling to his knees in fear as glass panels appear to crack under his weight.

The scene is extra terrifying considering that in 2015, another glass bridge in China – the Yuntai glass pathway in Henan – reportedly cracked beneath the weight of pedestrians just a few days after opening.

But apparently, this latest bridge mishap wasn’t real. The Hebei bridge simply simulates the shattering of glass in a bizarre attempt to shock visitors. After the video went viral, the East Taihang district administration sent out an official apology on WeChat, explaining that the splintering glass was simply an “effect” in order to be “provocative”.

Despite people expressing their outrage on Weibo (China’s social media site), many concerned about the risk of resulting heart attacks, the administration does not intend to replace the special-effect panels with regular ones because it hopes “people will want to come and experience them”.

As for the tour guide? Reports say he was just hamming it up for the camera and knew all along that the bridge doesn’t actually shatter. Give that man an Oscar!