Walk Off the Earth singer booted from plane due to fussy toddler

TORONTO – Walk Off the Earth singer Sarah Blackwood says she wants compensation and an apology after being kicked off a United Airlines flight because her young child was being fussy.

The Burlington, Ont.-based musician, who is seven months pregnant, says it happened while she and her nearly two-year-old son were on the tarmac to fly from San Francisco to Vancouver on Wednesday.

Blackwood says her son was “crying really loud and squirming” and a flight attendant warned her that if she didn’t control him, they would be kicked off.

Blackwood says she held on to her son and he eventually stopped crying, but the plane turned around and went back to the gate, where she was asked to leave.

SkyWest Airlines, which was operating the plane, says they decided to remove Blackwood and her child from the flight “based solely on safety concerns.”

But Blackwood, who was put on a later flight, says her son was not running through the aisles as the airline claimed.


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