VoX appoints Kuehnel as Business Development Director
Jacqueline Kuehnel

VoX appoints Kuehnel as Business Development Director

TORONTO — VoX International has appointed Jacqueline Kuehnel as Business Development Director, effective immediately. 

“Jacqueline brings a wealth of knowledge and years of valuable travel industry experience to the VoX team,” says Susan Webb, President and Owner of VoX International. “I have no doubt that Jacqueline will make a huge impact in her role as Business Development Director and aid not only in developing a portfolio of global travel and tourism organizations, but also facilitate and create top notch business strategies.”

Webb added that Kuehnel brings 30+ years of travel and tourism experience in Canada and the U.S. to the position, as well as expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable tourism.

Kuehnel has held senior executive positions with travel companies including Signature Vacations, Canada and most recently Apple Leisure Group, USA. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and fluent in French and Italian.

“I am thrilled to join VoX International’s team of professionals, especially at this time when the travel and tourism sector is forced to examine the many opportunities that will emerge from this crisis,” says Kuehnel.

“We will need to take a systematic approach to re-assess the value proposition of travel products and services, to re-build customers’ trust, to think digital, to become agile, and to communicate business purpose and values,” she says. “On the latter, I look forward to sharing my passion and experience in helping organizations develop Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practices that protect travellers, destinations, and communities. Above all, we must find ways to future-proof travel and tourism so we can continue to thrive and be a force for good.”

Webb says Keuhnel will work with the VoX team to help develop a portfolio of organizations that range from hotels to destinations, and she will provide support in areas of business strategy, sales and marketing, communication, as well as assist companies to understand how to become socially responsible. 

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