Virtuoso’s 185 Canadian agency locations now part of ACTA

Virtuoso’s 185 Canadian agency locations now part of ACTA

TORONTO — Global luxury travel network Virtuoso has joined ACTA.

As part of the agreement, Virtuoso’s 185 Canadian travel agency locations will receive an annual 30% rebate on their ACTA membership up to Can$750.

Virtuoso agency members can use these savings to register their advisors to attend ACTA Premium Networking Events.

ACTA will also provide Virtuoso members with a 30% discount on the price of Certified Travel Counselor and Certified Travel Manager registration fees.

“Virtuoso and ACTA share a deep commitment to the strength of Canada’s travel advisor community,” says Tim Morgan, Director, Business Strategy, Canada for Virtuoso. “We look forward to working closely with ACTA to advocate on issues that affect our Canadian members and the industry at large, as our mission is to further the travel advisor profession and foster the success of our members.”

As reported on March 27 Virtuoso has seen a meteoric rise in Canada in a short amount of time, expanding to more than 2,200 advisors, up 18% since 2017, with year-over-year sales growth pegged at 26% for a total of US$2.1 billion.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Virtuoso since we are aligned on a common goal: advancement of the retail travel sector and Canadian travel industry at large,” says ACTA President Wendy Paradis. “Virtuoso’s powerful voice will be a welcome addition to our work in enhancing the professionalism of travel advisors and advocating for them as well as Canadian travellers.”