Virtuoso reveals top 10 spring break destinations for Canadians

TORONTO — Where will Canadians be travelling to this spring break? Virtuoso has found the top 10 destinations.

The global luxury travel network analyzed information from its warehouse of $73.2 billion in transactions to reveal the top spring break destinations for March and April 2020.

Canada continues its number-one reign on the list, proving that there’s no place like home for a spring break. Its neighbour to the south also beckons for an easy escape, while long-haul destinations like Japan and Israel also beckon. The U.K., France and Italy cement their status as four-season destinations, and Australia is proving to be resilient despite its recent struggles with bushfires.

Here is the Virtuoso Top 10:

1. Canada
2. United States
3. Mexico
4. United Kingdom
5. France
6. Italy
7. Australia
8. Israel
9. Spain
10. Japan

The countries that have seen the largest percentage of growth in year-over-year Canadian bookings are:

1. Dominican Republic (230.7%)
2. Ecuador (194.1%)
3. Netherlands (93.2%)
4. Switzerland (92.8%)
5. Argentina (86.5%)
6. Costa Rica (79.2%)
7. United Arab Emirates (68.2%)
8. Cuba (49.9%)
9. Jamaica (48.1%)
10. Portugal (43.6%)

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