US Airways says farewell with final flight today

US Airways says farewell with final flight today

After 76 years in the air, US Airways will be making its swan song tonight with flight 1939 as its merger with American Airlines nears completion.

The airline, which started as a small airmail service and has since grown to include close to 200 destinations in 24 countries, will make its last ever departure under the US Airways name with a flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia. Shortly after the flight departs San Francisco at 9:55 p.m. PT, American Airlines will consolidate the reservations systems of both airlines.

American Airlines will commemorate the final flight with gate-side festivities at each stop (the flight will take a nostalgic route from Philadelphia to Charlotte, Phoenix, San Francisco then back to Pennsylvania).

USA TODAY reports that the airline has had “strong demand” from customers wishing to be on the final flight – especially the San Francisco-Philadelphia leg. Coach class is near capacity while first-class seats have been sold out since July.

The news outlet also reports that it will take American until late 2016 to rebrand all US Airways’ planes into American’s colours.