Uber might be a competitor soon with new patent

Uber might be a travel competitor soon with new patent

Uber has caused riots in the taxi industry, now it might be looking to do the same in the travel industry.

Karry On reports that the company filed for and received approval to launch Uber Travel, an online travel portal that will operate similarly to current online booking sites. According to the licence filed, the app would include information similar to Uber’s existing app (ie. an airport location where users can be picked up), but would also feature recommended flights, a way to book lodging and an airport-specific estimated agenda for collecting luggage.

In addition, CNBC reports that Uber Travel goes one step further by comparing shared economy (ie. Airbnb) with traditional hotel options. A smart interface will help determine the types of lodging and transportation needed between two destinations without users having to input each leg of the journey. Further, a contingency plan will be available should users be unable to use their mobile phones when they land.

Uber Travel

Source: cnbc.com

Following its partnership with Hilton last September, Uber has made bold moves in recent months to enter the travel market. The announcement of Uber Travel comes at an opportune time for the company, which received backlash over New Year’s Day for reportedly hiking up its prices by three times the normal rate.