What U.S. airports have the best & worst wait times?

What U.S. airports have the best & worst wait times?

We’ve all been there, standing in what looks to be the longest lineup in history. Going through airport security is something all travellers can relate to, a necessary evil that, though aggravating at times, benefits us all.

But according to TSA’s 2015 Year in Review, the lineups aren’t as bad as they look. In 2015, 708 million passengers – nearly 41 million more than in 2014 – were screened at U.S. airports, and of this total only 2% of travellers had to wait more than 20 minutes to get through airport security.

This statistic is based on a national average, and skewed somewhat by the fact that expedited screening lanes processed 44% of fliers last year. Fox News reports that more than two million fliers have signed up for TSA PreCheck, those fast-pass lanes for travellers who pass a background check and pay a membership fee (US$85 for five years). Other passengers get line-cutting privileges via their airline.

For other passengers, their wait can easily exceed 30 minutes, which can be due to heightened security measures following global terror attacks.

So which U.S. airports have the best and worst wait times?

Best Wait Times at Large U.S. Airports:

1.     Tampa – 11.4 minutes

2.     Fort Lauderdale – 12.3 minutes

3.     San Diego – 12.5 minutes

4.     Detroit – 12.6 minutes

5.     Portland – 12.8 minutes

Worst Wait Times at Large U.S. Airports:

1.     JFK – 16.8 minutes

2.     Newark – 16.5 minutes

3.     LAX – 16 minutes

4.     Philadelphia – 15.6 minutes

5.     Seattle/Tacoma – 15.6 minutes (tie)

6.     Chicago O’Hare – 15.6 minutes (tie)

7.     LaGuardia – 15.5 minutes

8.     Washington Dulles – 15.5 minutes

To read the complete article, go to foxnews.com/travel/2016/02/17/best-and-worst-tsa-checkpoints-in-us/