These are the two best times to go to the bathroom while on a plane

These are the two best times to go to the bathroom while on a plane

LOS ANGELES — Going to the bathroom on a plane isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. The quarters are cramped, the toilet paper is horrendous, and there’s often a long queue of irate passengers waiting impatiently outside the door. But according to one former flight attendant, there are two perfect time slots during a flight when you can actually relieve yourself in relative peace and comfort.

In an interview with Mel Magazine, Erika Roth said that the best time to ‘go’ is when the seatbelt sign immediately turns off. This is because passengers are just settling in and won’t have any need for the bathrooms yet.

However, the problem with this is, of course, is that you may not need to go either. So, the next best window of opportunity is at the start of drinks service, when most passengers are more focused on getting their drink on than visiting the loo. (Just remember, you may be boxed in by the drinks cart on your way back to your seat!)

Another tip from Roth is one she says flight attendants are quite familiar with. To combat the problem of poor ventilation, ask an attendant for packets of coffee grounds then hang them up in the lavatory. “The grounds will soak up the odour.”

And there’s your handy tip for the day – you’re welcome!

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