510 Travel owner Ron Tereshyn; Libbie Rice, formerly with Ensemble Travel Group; 510 Travel CEO Operations, Mary Tereshyn; and David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group

Two awards and a new VP Operations for 510 Travel

TORONTO — The retail travel group 510 Travel took home Ensemble Travel’s Ensemble Elite Top Producer of 2019, in a ceremony held aboard the Diamond Princess May 18 – 25 in Kobe, Japan.

510 Travel was also recognized with an award for Top Sales in Canada with RIU Hotels and Resorts. That ceremony took place at the newly built RIU Palace Costa Mujeres, May 31 – June 3.

RIU award

510 Travel’s Ron and Mary Tereshyn with (left) RIU’s Ontario BDM Valerie Ward

The company is also announcing the appointment of Tommy Tereshyn to Vice President of Operations of 510 Travel / The Travel Agent Hotline. Tommy is the son of 510 Travel’s Owner, Ron Tereshyn, and CEO Operations, Mary Tereshyn.

“Tommy has worked with us in retail travel for six years. He was also the Managing Director of Travel Agent Relations. He takes pride in providing our agents with the necessary tools to achieve success within the industry. He is extremely charismatic and shares his father’s strong passion for travel and great zest for life,” says Mary.

She adds: “Tommy has proven his ability with excitement for this very important leadership role to take 510 Travel to the next level.”

Under his guidance 510 Travel is in the process of remodelling its website as well as its back office platform to accommodate the company’s growing travel agent family and client base.

Tommy Tereshyn, VP Operations, 510 Travel and The Travel Agent Hotline

Tommy Tereshyn, VP Operations, 510 Travel and The Travel Agent Hotline

Tommy can be reached at 416-510-2000 ext. 230, or email

In February 2020 the company will celebrate 42 years in retail travel. “Our Owner and President Ronny Tereshyn started his first travel agency Avion Travel, grew it to three locations and eventually sold it to Airtours in 1999. His passion runs deep for this incredible business.” He also started the first talking travel hotline.

“We have the most dedicated hard working staff, what an accomplishment to say some travel agents have worked with us from day one,” she adds.

In February 2019 the company re-launched its home-based agent division as The Travel Agent Hotline, with an eye to expansion.

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