Turo, peer to peer car rental company for leisure or business

TORONTO — Turo, the peer to peer car rental company, has taken the Canadian market by storm with more than 700,000 members and over 25,000 cars in Canada since its launch in April 2016.

Operating in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and more recently Nova Scotia with a launch in early June, Turo says it makes the car rental process much easier. This convenient way to travel and has up to a 35% lower charge than other traditional car rental agencies.

Turo has not yet made the step to working with travel agents but Cedric Mathieu, Managing Director at Turo in Canada, says he realizes how great an opportunity and relationship this can be. Mathieu encourages agents to learn more about the platform and use it themselves to learn about its benefits and many features offered.

What differentiates Turo from traditional car rental services is the option to review and give ratings on the app. With a scan through any host’s profile, you can decide if the car is the right fit for your journey. Not only this, but there is a wide selection of cars that vary in rental price and style.

Mathieu says: “Turo is a platform that connects people who have a car that don’t use it all the time with travellers who need a car.”

In addition to the flexibility Turo provides, travellers can transition in to their new ride easily, with the added feature of drivers dropping off the car to renters, saving time and teaching the drivers how to operate it to ensure safety at no extra charge.

Turo works for either leisure or business. With Turo’s Business Class selection, drivers can select from a curated collection of local hosts. For leisure trips, travellers can select the dates desired for the rental time which can range from one day to months, and the selection of vehicles is available to browse through.

It was announced in July of this year that IAC became the biggest shareholder in Turo. Says Mathieu: “This a real vote of confidence for us and we are excited to show what this means moving forward.”

Those who travel with Turo are covered with $2 million in liability insurance, and are offered the option of Premier, Standard, Minimum or Decline Coverage. Both those renting a car and listing their car can feel safe knowing they are protected under the insurance.

Mathieu adds, “there are over 1 billion cars in the world, and Turo’s mission is to put those cars to better use. We have been working on this mission for nine years in the U.S. and more recently for the past three years in Canada.”

Since its launch Turo has reached triple digit growth and accumulated 10 million worldwide members. For more information see turo.com.

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