Turkish Airlines provides aid to earthquake-affected communities

Turkish Airlines provides aid to earthquake-affected communities

ISTANBUL — Turkish Airlines continues to assist with recovery efforts following the devastating earthquake in Turkey, by coordinating flights to deliver search and rescue teams, and international aid to impacted communities, as well as by providing free evacuation flights.

Coordinating with organizations such as AFAD (Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) and Turkish Red Crescent, Turkish Airlines ensured all search and rescue teams and aid materials were delivered to impacted communities and is continuing to evacuate those affected with free evacuation flights during the crisis.

Turkish Airlines carried 238,112 search and rescue personnel on 1,324 aid flights, while evacuating 230,980 citizens from the earthquake area on 1,302 evacuation flights.

Continuing its operations in coordination with AFAD and Türkiye missions, embassies, and consulates around the world, Turkish Airlines has also delivered 15,648 tons of aid material free of charge to areas impacted by the earthquake including food, medicine, clothing, generators, hygiene kits, tents. Some 6,198 tons of the cargo were carried with flights conducted from 77 countries, while the remaining 9,450 tons were from Türkiye.

Turkish Airlines’ 249 personnel were also volunteers in the area, assisting with search and rescue operations and delivering humanitarian aid. Members of the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) team from Turkish Airlines Flight Academy in Aydın also participated n the rescue operations in İskenderun.

“With the responsibility of being the national flag carrier, we are working with all officials including AFAD to mend the wounds caused by the earthquake as the 75 thousand strong Turkish Airlines family,” said Turkish Airlines’ Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat.

Turkish Airlines will also be building a Turkish Airlines neighborhood in the region, with 1,000 homes for those affected by the earthquake, he added. The carrier will also employ personnel from 1,000 families affected by the earthquake in Turkish Airlines and its subsidiaries.

“During these times where we come together as one in the face of natural disaster, Turkish Airlines also donated TRY$2 billion while I personally donated my salary of March 2023 for immediate aid efforts,” he added. “We also wish to extend our gratitude to our friends from abroad for their overwhelming support and aid in response to the crisis along with our missions, embassies, and consulates for their coordination in order to deliver aid material from other countries to the affected region with our cargo flights. Our flag carrier will continue to be with our citizens in the future just like it has been with all of its capabilities.”

Turkish Airlines also carried the pets from earthquake-affected areas without any charge and with the vaccination card requirement waived. The carrier also sent carrying cases to its stations so that pets can be easily boarded on the aircraft.

Turkish Airlines has offered free ticketing and reservations since Feb. 7, and is also accepting citizens without reservations depending on the aircraft. Passengers are able to change or refund their domestic flights or international flights to/from earthquake affected areas Feb. 6 – March 31, 2023, as long as they were first arranged before Feb. 9, 2023.

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