Trying to convince your partner to redecorate? Study says book a holiday

Trying to convince your partner to redecorate? Book a holiday

AMSTERDAM — Ever found yourself inspired to renovate after a trip? You’re not the only one according to new research.

A new study by shows that four in 10 travellers (39%) said the interior design of their holiday accommodation is the most important factor when choosing where to stay, and more than half (56%) are so enthused by their holiday accommodation that they are inspired to undertake interior design work to their own home.

As well as their holiday accommodation, other top sources that influence travellers’ plans to redecorate include the sights and sounds (colours, textiles) of their holiday (36%) and being immersed in a new culture (32%).

When choosing somewhere to stay, 70% of travellers say that a key motivation is that the design is different to their own home. This is because two thirds (57%) enjoy being in a completely different setting, as it helps them to get the most from their holiday.

For maximum inspiration, holiday rental homes offer unique or unusual interior design than other types of holiday accommodation, as 34% travellers select rental homes for their inspirational décor, compared to just 25% who select hotels on this same basis.

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