Has Trump’s campaign hurt his hotels?

Has Trump’s campaign hurt his hotels?

SAN FRANCISCO — Donald Trump has been all over the news since announcing that he was running for President of the U.S. The controversial real estate mogul has definitely found support, but also a lot of backlash and it appears this might be hitting the Trump hotel brands.

Reports coming out of booking site Hipmunk have shown bookings for Trump proprieties are down 59% compared to last year. Overall bookings have risen for the website, so it’s not just a slow booking season.

The hotel suffering the most is in Trump’s home city of New York: Trump SoHo is down 74% in bookings, Vegas 71%, Toronto 47%, Chicago 31%, and Atlantic City 17%.

Hawaii is the only property that has risen with an increase of 4%.

Hipmunk does acknowledge that it mainly attracts young users and that might skew the results. What have you seen?

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