The Treasures of Tutankhamen

The Treasures of Tutankhamen Exhibition opens in Old Port, Montreal

MONTREAL — As part of the promotional efforts undertaken by the Egyptian Tourist Authority through its offices abroad to revitalize the tourist movement toits normal level, The Tutankhamen Exhibition has opened in Old Port of Montreal.

The event will remain open until Sept. 1 and features replica artifacts of the Treasures of Tutankhamen.

The Mayor of Dollard Des Ormeaux, Edward Janiszewski and Barbara Pisani, senior regional advisor for the minister of citizenship immigration and multiculturalism Canada, members of Parliament from Quebec, public figures as well as representatives of tour operators and travel agencies and members of the media participated in the opening ceremonies.

Ambassador Amin Meleka, Consul General, Egyptian Consulate in Montreal said that an event of such magnitude is a good opportunity to review and to discuss the situation in Egypt and to answer any questions that revolve in the mind of the a Canadian citizen and to project a positive image of the current situation regarding stability and improvement which will help in the return of tourists to their previous rates.

Mostafa Sallam, Director, Egyptian Tourist Authority in Canada, said that he seized this opportunity to highlight the Pharaonic Civilization, one of the most important Egyptian tourist attractions, sought after by Canadians.

This event is part of a series ofmanypromotional activitiesto be organizedin many Canadian citiesin order topromoteand revive thetourist movement from Canada. In 2010 more than 96,000 Canadians travelled to Egypt.