A toast to Profession Voyages’ record-breaking year
Gwendoline Duval, General Manager of Profession Voyages, part of the Travelweek Group

Travelweek names Duval as General Manager, Profession Voyages

TORONTO — Travelweek is pleased to announce the appointment of Gwendoline Duval as General Manager of its French-language publication Profession Voyages.

She will work with Devin Kinasz, Publisher of Travelweek, to continue to grow the group in Quebec where Profession Voyages is known for its innovative products and loyal agent engagement.

“Gwendoline has a very diverse skill set, well beyond just editorial, and has proven her understanding of the digital landscape and that she can make a real contribution to growing a media company. That’s why I am very confident giving her even more responsibility to manage all aspects of Profession Voyages and be the main driver of its continued success,” says Kinasz.

Gwendoline has a Master’s degree in International Marketing & Management from one of the top management schools in France. She began her career in Quebec in the marketing department of Club Med Canada.

She joined Profession Voyages as a journalist and project manager before becoming Editor-in-Chief in October 2017.

“I am very pleased to take on new responsibilities to grow the business. Created by Travelweek 4 years ago, Profession Voyages has come a long way since its inception, and we will continue to expand and grow. Profession Voyages appeals to seasoned and up-and-coming professionals alike, which is why each month we reach new audience records despite a competitive environment,” says Duval.

Profession Voyages continues from strength to success, supported by Travelweek with its 45+ years of experience delivering travel industry news to Canadian travel agents and the consistent top-rated travel trade news source in travel agent surveys.

“Thanks to the excellent work of our dedicated team, our publication has quickly positioned itself as a reference for travel professionals in Quebec,” says Duval. “We have very loyal readers that follow and read us, whether on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), in our newsletters or on professionvoyages.com.”

In 2018 ProfessionVoyages.com recorded a 110% year-over-year increase in the number of website visits and the brand continues to experience strong growth. Since Jan. 1, 2019 the online information portal has already registered more than 300,000 visits with the goal of reaching than 1,000,000 visits by Dec. 31.

“Profession Voyages continues to be the most innovative media in Quebec, backed by a strong and loyal database of travel agent readers across the province. We’re enjoying high levels of growth across all of our digital metrics, including unprecedented levels of engagement with agents, which continues to be our top priority,” says Kinasz.

The industry is constantly reinventing itself, and so is Profession Voyages, which recently unveiled its latest exciting news: the launch of Profession Voyages EX, the very first newsletter dedicated to home-based agents in Quebec.

“I am confident that Profession Voyages will continue to play a key role in the travel industry through our dedication to innovation, quality content and our ability to evolve in step with the needs of travel counselors. Our Espace Pro is also very popular and hosts the first and only online directory of useful contacts for Quebec professionals. We invite advisors to write to edito@professionvoyages.com to keep it up to date. Profession Voyages will play a key role in Quebec,” says Gwendoline.

For the latest news and updates see Profession Voyages at professionvoyages.com.

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