Travelwatch creates free social media marketing solution for travel agents

Travelwatch creates free social media marketing solution for travel agents

TORONTO — Travelwatch has developed a new marketing tool for retailers using the agent’s own Facebook page and it is absolutely free.

Through the new product called, Travelwatch will post unique, commissionable travel products directly on the agent’s Facebook page using new technology by BranchUp.

“Once agents sign up for this new social media marketing tool, we will post regular travel offerings to their Facebook page,” said Frank Orlando, CEO, Travelwatch Inc. “And the posts are curated, so there are no links to booking engines, the call to action is back to the agent.”

Orlando said that most travel agents have their own Facebook page but often don’t have time to keep posting new offers and news to generate business. “Now we can provide fresh, interesting content for them and they still retain control, as the agent has the ability to approve each item before it is posted live on their site or, just set on automatic and don’t worry about it.”

Travelwatch has been marketing to consumers on behalf of travel agents for many years. “We know what works,” said Orlando. “Most agents do not have the time to do their own marketing, and yet, it is so important to keep in regular touch with your existing customers and to reach out to new ones. This will be at no cost to the travel agent but we need them to sign up now so we have enough agents to make the program attractive to suppliers.”

Orlando said the suppliers will be widely varied, and will not represent conflicts with preferred supplier relationships. “This will not be mainstream cruise or tour product,” he said.

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