Travelport+ and Deem now fully integrated, for an NDC-friendly tool

Travelport+ and Deem now fully integrated, for an NDC-friendly tool

LANGLEY, UK — The integration of Travelport+ with Deem is now complete, some five months after Travelport announced its acquisition of the corporate booking tool.

Travelport owns the Galileo, Worldspan and Apollo GDSs.

Travelport acquired Deem earlier this year, a move intended to fulfill a growing need for a fully-integrated tool that provides access and end-to-end servicing of all multi-source content, including NDC.

“Business travellers want, and deserve, the same modern retailing experience as leisure travelers,” said John Elieson, Travelport’s COO and Deputy CEO. “When Travelport announced the acquisition of Deem in March, it was with the intention of providing the corporate travel world with award-winning, complementary tools that are as revolutionary, modern, and easy-to-use as Travelport+. We’ve not only delivered on that promise, but are proud to confirm the integration of the Deem and Travelport+ platforms.”

Elieson said travel management companies (TMCs), corporations and their travellers using Deem and Travelport+ can access a wide range of content, all in one place, enhanced by the Content Curation Layer (CCL). The Travelport+ feature uses AI and machine-learning capabilities to provide agents and travellers with a more modern retailing experience with faster search responses, more pertinent results, and greater accuracy.

Integrated with Deem’s modern user interface, this will allow travellers to stay within their corporate policies while ensuring bookings (including NDC) are fully serviceable, he added.

“We’ve heard our corporate customers and there are two key things that they need,” Elieson said. “First, they want a one-stop shop for all content through a single tool. And, just as important, they want ease of traveller servicing, meaning the content needs to be the same as what their TMC partner sees. By combining traveller-first, human-centric design with a best-in-class user experience, we’ve brought the ease and enjoyment of booking leisure trips to business travel. Making that content both accessible to and easily managed by their TMC partner ensures travelers are covered, even when you factor in new products only available through NDC or other content sources.”

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