TravelOnly promotes Smith to Vice President of Training
Shannon Smith

TravelOnly promotes Smith to Vice President of Training

TORONTO — Shannon Smith has been promoted to Vice President of Training for TravelOnly.

Gregory Luciani, TravelOnly President and CEO, made the announcement yesterday, noting that Smith led the training initiatives for all TravelOnly advisors across the country while navigating the many challenges of the pandemic.

Smith is the one of the first staff members that new advisors meet when joining TravelOnly and over the past year she has fine-tuned the workflow that each advisor follows to ensure optimal success, says Luciani. This includes a comprehensive online, self learning platform combined with product training, business planning and marketing sessions. Shannon also leads weekly supplier training and development webinars for all advisors.

In November 2021 Smith was asked to lead another project: training all TravelOnly advisors on a brand-new technology platform, including a new CRM and invoicing system.

Luciani says he knew Smith was the right person for the job and expressed his thanks for Smith’s leadership during that time.

“We would not have had the same level of success and been able to transition so quickly without Shannon’s technical skills, patience, and guidance. She was the perfect person to have on our team at a very critical time. We are very proud of her work, and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish in the years ahead,” he said.

Adds TravelOnly’s VP of Sales and Marketing Ian Elliott: “Shannon arrived at TravelOnly at a really difficult time. We were at the height of the pandemic, and she was asked to fill a position that had long been held by a very seasoned and valued member of the TravelOnly family. From that very first day, she has created her own path and developed unbelievable new programs and initiatives that will benefit our advisors for years to come.”

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