TravelBrands launches new ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ featuring 100+ air-inclusive packages
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TravelBrands launches ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ with 100+ air-inclusive packages

MISSISSAUGA — TravelBrands is making it easier for Canadians to turn vacation dreams into reality with the launch of ‘Experiences by Sunquest’.

At an industry event in Toronto last night, the company unveiled details about the new program, which comprises eight collections featuring 109 air-inclusive package vacations. The collections span the globe, covering Sunquest’s traditional Sun destinations plus new locales in the U.S., South America, Canada and Europe.

All ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ packages include flights, hotel accommodations and transportation between the airport and hotel. Typical ‘experiences’ include a stay in an ancient monastery in Spain, and creating handcrafted chocolate bars at a hotel surrounded by cocoa groves.

Experiences by Sunquest“All our research shows that the market is enthusiastic for experiential products,” said Frank Demarinis, President and CEO of TravelBrands Inc. “I’ve challenged our teams to craft worry-free vacations using scintillating hotels, destinations and experiences, and marry them with the service and the convenience you love from our famous sun vacations.”

Demarinis also noted that according to the Harris Group, 72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than on material things. Plus, the American Association of Retired Persons found that bucket list travel is the most popular category of international travel for Baby Boomers.

For agents, ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ means added convenience, since packages that have traditionally required more effort to construct can now be booked as a single transaction. The product is also being offered with 11% commission at source.

When fully launched, ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ can be booked in all popular platforms, including Sirev, Sabre Vacations, Galileo Vacations, Amadeus Vacations and Revnet. The product can also be booked on TravelBrands Access as land-only or as part of a fully customizable TravelGenie package for which travel agents can set their commission.

Product information can be downloaded on TravelBrands Access under the Resources tab. The ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ 148-page brochure will be distributed this month.

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