“Our luxury travel sales have doubled”: Q&A with TRAVELSAVERS Canada’s Jane Clementino
Jane Clementino

“Our luxury travel sales have doubled”: Q&A with TRAVELSAVERS Canada’s Jane Clementino

TORONTO — Travel advisors, managers and owners with TRAVELSAVERS Canada, along with 16 of the international travel marketing organization’s supplier partners, mixed, mingled and networked at this week’s ‘Dine & Discover’ in Toronto.

Alfiero Cavallo, owner of Verona Travel in Bradford, ON, commended TRAVELSAVERS Canada on a great event. “After 52 years as international travel marketing experts, the consortia continues to grow, modernize their strategies and tools, educate travel agencies and provide the best possible service to clients,” said Cavallo. “I think it’s awesome to get all the sellers here and rediscover what’s going on in the industry.”

The elegant sit-down dinner took place at Casa Ricca Banquet Hall, with 70 attendees, and was hosted by the TRAVELSAVERS Canada team including Senior Vice President and General Manager, TRAVELSAVERS Canada, Jane Clementino.

Travelweek checked in with Clementino to get all the udpates …

Travelweek: Travel demand, inquiries and bookings are off the charts. What year-to-date stats is TRAVELSAVERS especially proud of from its own performance so far in this recovery year?

Clementino: “We are proud that we are seeing a balanced increase across the board with all travel segments and types of travel excelling. We are also happy to report that our luxury travel sales have doubled over 2019. We attribute this to consumers’ changing needs and growth and expansion in our ATC ( Affluent Traveler Collection) luxury supplier offerings.”


Travelweek: TRAVELSAVERS overall has a very impressive 25,000 travel advisors. Can you give us a snapshot of TRAVELSAVERS in Canada specifically?

Clementino: “We have approximately 1,500 advisors in Canada. With our recent member growth, we have grown, adding over 300 advisors to our network in the last nine months. It is estimated 60% are home-based.”


What are TRAVELSAVERS’ growth goals in the Canadian market?

Clementino: “The TRAVELSAVERS CANADA growth goals can be categorized into three main areas.

“First, growth in awareness and brand recognition for American Marketing Group brands in Canada – including TRAVELSAVERS CANADA, Affluent Traveller Collection Agent 24, TRAVELSAVERS Hotel Program and KORE.

“Second, overall growth in travel sales. This growth goal is based on two components, growing the TRAVELSAVERS members within our network, as well as revenue and sales increases based on organic growth and new consumer acquisition from our lead-generating tools such as OnlineXpress and digital marketing campaigns.

“Third, leadership team expansion plans in Canada are an ongoing priority for TRAVELSAVERS CANADA. As the Canadian team continues to grow, we’re adding well-respected travel professionals to our existing network. There have been new additions to our leadership on the business development side and we’re currently recruiting a Marketing Manager.

“As we continue to grow our Canadian team, we are committed to adding resources to ensure the right level of service and support is available to our Canadian agent members.”


Travelweek: TRAVELSAVERS is now in its 52nd year, an incredible accomplishment. What’s new for TRAVELSAVERS this year?

Clementino: “As TRAVELSAVERS CANADA gears up for growth in the Canadian market, the company is pleased to announce new additions to its leadership team as well as many new program offerings and enhancements including OnlineXpress, OnLocation, the Cruise Value Incentive Program and KORE.”


“A powerful automated digital customer segmentation tool, OnlineXpress has had recent upgrades. OnlineXpress is a template website designed specifically for travel agencies that provide a lead generation platform for selling travel. The website is built on a user-friendly platform that allows travel agents to easily create and manage their online presence. Recent upgrades include dashboard improvements, additional content and a unique first-cookie SEO.

“OnlineXpress has ‘first party’ access to user data such as their preferences, history, etc. through a unique code placed on each OnlineXpress website, versus third-party cookies that are generated by external sites.

This comprehensive and flexible platform offers travel advisors the resources to effectively establish a strong online presence, generate leads and sell travel efficiently.”


“Advisors with TRAVELSAVERS CANADA are now able to offer their clients more authentic, immersive experiences in destinations around the globe with the relaunch of the company’s OnLocation program. This program gives advisors a chance to not only personalize a trip but go above and beyond offering clients those ‘wow’ experiences without leaving their desks. The program includes 30 destination marketing companies offering coverage in 65 countries forming a strong foundation for the revitalized program and tripling the number of partners from the earlier OnLocation roster.”

Cruise Value Incentive Program 

“TRAVELSAVERS Cruise Value Incentive Program includes personalized supplier offerings such as flexible sailing dates, more amenities, value-add offers and customized experiences through 2025. Advisors are able to guarantee exclusive access to their clients when booking in advance to get what they want when they want it, with extensive offerings and add-ons.”

Social Connect 

“TRAVELSAVERS CANADA has a new redesigned social media platform, Social Connect, that offers even more efficiency, savings and effectiveness to travel agency partners.”


Travelweek: Is there any other banner news the industry should know about TRAVELSAVERS for 2023 and beyond? 


“Educating new advisors, continuing to support our existing affiliates and recruiting new prospects to the industry are ongoing priorities for TRAVELSAVERS CANADA.

“In an effort to enrich industry advisors and provide new entrants to the industry with all the tools they need to succeed in their new career in travel, we’re thrilled to offer an educational platform new to Canada called KORE. This program will be released this September and will include a French translation for the Quebec market specifically.

“KORE is a new comprehensive travel industry training program backed by The Travel Institute designed to educate new talent in the industry, fully train them and set them on the path to becoming successful travel advisors. The program is digitized and module-based.”

Trees4Travel Partnership 

“TRAVELSAVERS is partnering with Trees4Travel, a sustainable travel technology company that uses carbon management technology to calculate emissions from travel and reduces environmental impact.”

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