Travel Edge’s Hotel EDGE aims to simplify hotel booking process

TORONTO — Travel Edge says its new hotel booking tool ADX Hotel Edge gives its travel advisors access to 88,000+ more hotel properties to book for their clients.

The platform allows for a quick rate comparison to make sure advisors find the best option for clients, plus get the best commission possible, says Travel Edge.

Advisors are now armed with more provider options for hotel bookings, more competitive pricing, as well as markup opportunities to increase profitability, notes the company. The Hotel EDGE network of providers allows more options outside of Sabre, including Tourico, HotelBeds, and Travco.

Hotel rate commissions are guaranteed without having to chase vendors and are paid on the next billing cycle.

“Travel Edge’s ADX Hotel EDGE is going to change the game for advisors wanting more choice in how they run their travel business,” says Michael Johnson, Executive Vice President, Travel Edge.

“We believe in celebrating the craft of the Luxury Travel Advisor and by continuing to provide world class technology combined with the best commissions in the industry – the Travel Edge Advisor is empowered to do what they love – sell travel. Hotel EDGE provides more choice for the Advisor – more choices for their business, and more choice for their clients.”

He says Travel Edge saw that half an advisor’s day “was spent logging in and out of 20+ different systems and waiting on hold with call centers to book a single customer’s itinerary.”

ADX is an all-in-one intelligent booking system. “ADX was a revolutionary travel booking platform created by Travel Edge in 2014 and designed specifically for the needs of the travel advisor,” says Johnson. “Its promise was to make travel bookings simple, seamless and quick, leaving Advisors more time to sell – Hotel EDGE continues to drive that focus and empower the travel advisor.”

Highlights of the new booking system include …

. 88,000+ more hotel properties
. Guaranteed commission on every booking, paid on next 30-day billing cycle
. Mark up opportunities, so agents can save their clients money, or increase their revenue
. All prices in US dollars, so no currency fluctuations
. “No amenities, no points = no problem for customers seeking this value”
. ADX auto invoicing minimizes administration workload