Travel Edge is bringing home stranded Canadians with chartered flight

TORONTO — Travel Edge is going above and beyond – all the way to Bermuda, in fact – to come to the aid of stranded Canadian citizens.

In partnership with local government and Air Canada, the company is orchestrating the relief of 70 Canadians who have been stranded in Bermuda since international travel was halted on March 20.

Using a chartered flight out of Toronto – Travel Edge’s third chartered flight during the pandemic – the company, with the support and authorization of the Bermudian government, will exclusively reopen Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport, which has been closed since the early days of the pandemic, on June 5 to carry out the rescue.

The flight will depart Toronto to Bermuda and will return to Toronto, carrying stranded passengers on both legs of the journey.

Travel Edge previously chartered rescue flights on April 7 from Ft. Lauderdale to help stranded Bermudian locals, and again on May 15 from Atlanta. The June 5 flight is the first to help stranded Canadians.

“The pandemic has changed so much of our lives, but through it all our Travel Advisors have risen to the challenge of getting their clients home time after time,” says Michael Johnson, EVP Travel Edge Leisure. “Whether it has been a chartered commercial plane with our partners at Air Canada, private planes for Princess Cruise passengers, new and unusual flight routings, or even just a safe and clean hotel for clients to seek refuge for the night, our Travel Advisors have risen to be the heroes we know they are every single day – looking after their traveling clients from start to finish.”

Mike Dawson, Country Director of Travel Edge Bermuda, adds that after the success of Travel Edge’s two previous chartered flights, the company received an onslaught of requests from both Canadians and students from Bermuda wanting to return home.

“The outpouring of requests from Canadians looking to get home has been so powerful,” he says. “We’re working together with the Canadian Consulate, local government, Ministry of Health, law enforcement and many others to make it happen. This is a community effort to get everyone home safely.”

At this time the Premier of Bermuda has announced the International Airport is not expected to open until June 21 at the earliest. If passengers are looking to purchase a ticket for this flight – Toronto to Bermuda to Toronto on June 5, 2020 –contact

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