Travel Edge joins TripArc consortium to improve benefits for travel advisors

Travel Edge joins TripArc consortium to improve benefits for travel advisors

TORONTO — As part of its long-term commitment to add value to the travel industry and agent community, Travel Edge has announced that it is joining TripArc, which it regards as a “new kind of travel consortium.”

Combining innovative technology with a re-imagined blueprint for how travel consortia can work harder, TripArc embraces direct access and transparency to increase value throughout the industry, particularly luxury travel advisors. For both suppliers and advisors, this direct relationship frees up resources to redeploy more strategically.

According to Michael Johnson, President of Travel Edge, the move enables travel advisors to be part of a strong community that offers multiple opportunities for training and support as well as access the Limitless Digital Luxury Travel Conference, which has given out over $150,000 in prizes directly to advisors in its first two events. The next Conference will run on March 24-25, plus plans for the first Limitless Live in-person event are currently underway.



In addition, with the free and easy-to-use ADX platform, advisors have the ability to easily bundle different services (air, hotel, activities and insurance) into one branded itinerary.

“Travel advisors are the important people in this travel industry and it’s time that a consortium valued them accordingly,” said Johnson. “TripArc’s new vision of a consortium, powered by innovative technology, means that advisors will not only continue to get their current level of benefits but they’ll enjoy increased opportunities to improve revenue, enjoy rewards and recognition and get the support they need. It puts them in the driver’s seat when it comes to building the future of their business.”

Dave Volman, President of TripArc, added: “We’re thrilled that Travel Edge has chosen TripArc for taking their focus on the advisor to the next level. From greater transparency to industry-leading contracts and commissions, to the ability to generate higher margins with an easy-to-use platform, to an expansion of our ability to recognize and reward them, we’re excited about delivering so much more to advisors’ businesses.”

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