Travel agents missing out on profitable language travel holidays – Sprachcaffe International

Travel agents missing out on profitable language travel holidays – Sprachcaffe

Canadian travel agents have been missing out on a potential profitable market, says Sprachcaffe International, a worldwide leader in the language travel industry.

Last year, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade estimated that international students coming into Canada is an $8 billion dollar industry, with $4.9 billion being added directly to Canada’s GDP, involving 86,570 jobs, and earning $455 million in government tax revenue.

“Why have Canadian travel agencies not reciprocated in terms of education travel, by sending our own citizens abroad to take advantage of educational opportunities in other parts of the world? Apart from the obvious benefits such as social and cultural awareness, and increased chances of personal success as Canadian citizens become internationalized ‘global citizens, there is a significant financial gain to be made from educational travel,” says Sprachcaffe.

Sprachcaffe says it understands just how crucial this market is, and is now stepping into the Canadian market in order to create awareness about language travel programs.

“Commission rates are high; personalized communication is exemplary; level of customer service is outstanding; and the choices for different language travel programs is vast, offering both stipulated travel and study plans along with personally customized trips. It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sprachcaffe International with over 30 destinations, covering more than 15 languages, is now operating locally and thus allowing for much greater convenience to leading Canadian travel agencies,” said the company.

“Canadians, of all ages, can benefit from learning a new language while visiting such countries as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, China, Morocco, Korea, Portugal, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Costa Rico, the U.S. and a host of others. Through this, Canadian travellers not only learn the specifics of their chosen language much faster than they would at home, but also stand to gain an invaluable understanding of cultural nuances, traditions, and rituals typical to the country. Apart from the fact that language travel nurtures highly valued qualities such as cultural awareness and acceptance, it also prepares Canadians to become well-rounded multilingual employees of companies with an international focus, something increasingly sought after in the globalized work environment,” says Sprachcaffe.

“By entering this promising and untapped market of language travel holidays and expanding service offerings, travel agencies increase their competiveness in the industry and attract a new category of clients, which in turn generates additional profits.”

For those travel agencies willing to pursue these opportunities and gain from generous commission packages, Sprachcaffe’s Toronto office can be reached at and For more information on the company, visit