Transat passengers get more connections to Europe this summer

Transat passengers get more connections to Europe this summer

MONTREAL — New domestic flights this summer mean more connections for more clients heading to Europe with Transat, says the tour operator.

Transat’s expanded domestic schedule especially benefits passengers flying out of Calgary, Vancouver and Quebec City, who now have access to more than 10 new European destinations thanks to Air Transat’s connecting flights via Montreal and Toronto.

“For more than 30 years, Air Transat has been the preferred holiday travel airline for Canadians flying to Europe,” says Transat’s Chief Operating Officer, Annick Guérard.

“Our domestic flights are very popular with travellers, as they offer more choices and the flexibility to easily plan their dream vacations to Europe. This allows us to reinforce our position as leader in the transatlantic market, because a greater number of travellers are choosing the unique experience of flying with Air Transat to Europe.”

Here’s a look at the new flights and connections:

Travellers from the greater Calgary area now have access to 23 destinations in Europe with Air Transat, including eight new ones via Montreal: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Toulouse; Brussels; and Madrid and Malaga. Additional flights will be added to popular destinations via Montreal or Toronto, such as Lisbon and Porto, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Paris, Dublin, London and Glasgow.

From Vancouver, three new destinations via Montreal will be added to Transat’s summer 2018 program: Nantes, Toulouse and Malaga. Travellers from Vancouver will be able to choose from a total of 25 regions to explore.

Travellers from Quebec City will now be able to visit Madrid and Nice via Montreal, in addition to getting more flights to Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels and Prague.

Air Transat reminds agents that passengers can also get multi-destination flight options, making it possible to land in one European city and return from another, at no extra cost.

Air Transat’s new route between Calgary and Montreal will offer three flights a week during peak season. Flights will also be added between other major cities, such as between Montreal and Quebec City (now with four flights a week), and Toronto and Vancouver (now with three flights a week).

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