TDC & Softvoyage team up to launch new B2B portal

MONTREAL —Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has signed a new deal with Softvoyage for an advanced B2B portal designed for its dedicated network of agencies.

As part of the agreement, Softvoyage will create a private label version of SIREV with unique features that meet the needs and requirements of today’s travel agency environments.

According to Nathalie Boyer, General Manager of TDC, the company came up with the idea of a new B2B engine after receiving feedback from its members.

“Following a series of discussions held with our members to identify what is needed on the front line in order to be more efficient and provide exceptional customer service, we prepared a wish list of what our vision of a new B2B engine could look like,” she said. “After a few months, Softvoyage as able to present and demonstrate how they could help us reach our goal by providing exactly what we would need in order to help us grow by becoming more efficient and more productive.”

Dan Langevin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Softvoyage, added: “Agencies within the TDC network were very involved in this process. The developments we introduce to achieve for our various booking engines is often driven by our customers. Sometimes, the small details are what make a significant different in the day to day life of a travel professional.”

Langevin added that the company believes the new TDC private label version of SIREV will “undoubtedly” improve the reservation process and expand on pre- and post-booking tools.

“All of us at Softvoyage are thrilled with this new relationship and look forward to working with the team at TDC,” he said.