Trafalgar Offers Clients Eight Unique Trip Styles with Launch of their NEW 2019 Europe & Britain Program

Trafalgar, a world leader in travel for over 72 years is excited to connect Canadian clients like never before with the launch of their new 2019 Europe & Britain program. Offering 116 handcrafted journeys to over 220 cities, clients can now leave the guidebook at home while Trafalgar shows the real Europe & Britain with a sense of real ease.

New for 2019, Trafalgar is offering eight different trip styles to suit clients preferred and unique travelling styles. Whether clients are looking to meet locals, enjoy some personal time or discover new sights and sounds with their families, Trafalgar guarantees a guided vacation style to meet every client’s needs and interests.

Country Explorer

For clients looking to unlock the rich depth of just one country, Trafalgar’s ‘Country Explorer’ trip style allows guests to do so. With less distance to cover, clients will focus on sightseeing a single region for a fully immersive and thorough experience. Trafalgar’s Europe & Britain 2019 program offers a total of 43 ‘Country Explorer’ trips, averaging six to 17 days in length, guaranteed to have clients living ‘The Good Life.’

Regional Explorer

Clients looking to discover a region in two or more countries will love Trafalgar’s ‘Regional Explorer’ trip style. Offering 25 different trips worldwide, eight to 23 days total, clients will get a real feel for the diversity of the region without seeing the entire continent. Clients will connect to real people, real. places and real experiences with just the right amount of cross-culture immersion.


Clients will cross off numerous bucket list destinations during a single adventure during Trafalgar’s ‘Discoveries’ trip styles. With 11 different trips, seven to 31 days all together, clients will see multiple cities and many different cultures, at a fast pace. With a huge range of experiences to offer, Trafalgar guarantees clients will come back with numerous stories to share.

City Explorer

Looking to uncover the secrets of a city? Trafalgar offers six different trips around the globe under the ‘City Explorer’ trip styles spanning a total of six to nine days. Staying in one or two cities for client’s entire stay, guests will fully immerse themselves in the secrets of the location they are visiting.

Cruise or Rail

For those who value the journey as much as the destination, Trafalgar offers 14 ‘Cruise or Rail’ trip styles spanning eight to 15 days in length. From rail journeys to river cruises and everything in between, Trafalgar’s trips are all about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the diversity of the ride.

At Leisure

Clients looking to explore Europe & Britain with Trafalgar at a slower pace, will adore the ‘At Leisure’ trip style encompassing 11 different global trips, ranging from seven to 14 days in length. Clients will enjoy later starts and longer stays at a more leisurely pace leaving room more spontaneous moments and adventures.

Family Experiences

Perfect for multi-generational families, Trafalgar’s ‘Family Experiences’ trip style allows clients the opportunity to learn and have fun together. Featuring four different trips around 10 to 11 days total, guests will enjoy a perfect mix of fun, hands-on and educational activities that both clients and their children of all ages will love. 

Special Interest

Clients who have a particular interest or passion with thoroughly enjoy Trafalgar’s ‘Special Interest’ trip style, featuring two different trips averaging 12 to 13 days total. Trafalgar’s 2019 Europe & Britain program allows clients to experience crafted and themed trips with their passions in mind. Clients will learn more about their special interest and be a true expert by the time they get home. Some examples of Trafalgar’s 2019 Europe & Britain ‘Special Interest’ trips include: A European White Christmas, Highland Trail Inspired By Outlander and In Full Bloom.

For more information on Trafalgar’s 2019 Europe & Britain program trip styles, please contact your local Sales Manager or visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and, Twitter.

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