Trafalgar confirms departures for 2017 Europe & Britain and all of Asia: 100% Definite

Trafalgar confirms departures for 2017 Europe & Britain and all of Asia: 100% Definite

TORONTO — An unprecedented 100% of Trafalgar’s 2017 Europe & Britain and Asia Departures are now Definite, says the tour operator.

“We are thrilled to be able to guarantee agents that the chances of winning with Trafalgar are 100% when it comes to selling our extensive portfolio of 109 guided holidays for summer in Europe and Britain and 17 different trips across Asia,” said Wolf Paunic, President, Trafalgar Canada. “At Trafalgar, we are wholly focused on strengthening relationships with our valued industry partners, ensuring that they are fully equipped to sell our guided holidays with confidence and ease.”

The news on Definite Departures complements the latest initiative from Trafalgar to simplify the sales process for partners. Last month’s inspirational animation video showcased how positioning the emotional ahead of the rational could impact bookings and is just one of a raft of recent initiatives designed especially to equip agents for prosperity.

Integrity and reliability are at the forefront of Trafalgar’s priorities when it comes to serving the trade and its clients: from placing independent, transparent reviews on its website to air deals without complications. Additional incentives to book Trafalgar include the current Early Payment Discount (EPD) of 5% vaild until April 27, 2017 which is combinable with Trafalgar Frequent Traveller discounts, to enable another 5% savings.

“Crucial to our brand success is the confidence that our partners continue to place in us, so for that we extend our sincere thanks and wish them all the best for an unprecedented selling season in 2017,” added Paunic.

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