TPI Regionals wrap up for 2019; more than 50 events already for 2020

TORONTO — Travel Professionals International’s cross-country Regional meetings, wrapping up this week, drew more than 275 TPI Advisors.

Also attending the meetings were TPI’s adventure travel and FIT specialist supplier partners. Advisors were given exclusive training to help them expand their business and reach new clients through different and unique product offerings. The events also featured key networking opportunities.

“Regional meetings are so important to our Advisors. The focused learning sessions allow unique advantages to learn from our preferred partners and being alongside their peers,” said Caroline Hay, National Director of Sales, TPI.

“These opportunities are a great way for Advisors to mingle with their fellow Advisors while gaining useful knowledge and experience to help build their own business. One of the struggles of an independent Advisor is not having the opportunity to network and meet other Advisors, we ensure that we provide a forum for this to happen on a continuous basis throughout the year.”

The exclusive training and networking opportunities are an essential part of TPI’s continuous support to their Advisors, added Hay.

“I enjoy being able to connect with my fellow Advisors, but I love being able to connect with the head office team. I appreciate them taking the time to come visit us,” said Joanne Laurie, TPI Advisor. “Having that face to face interaction is so very important. Not everyone can attend the conference or bigger city events, so we need regional meetings across the country to keep us all feeling part of the family.”

Tracy Hamilton, TPI Advisor, added: “TPI does an outstanding job of sharing information with advisors. There is something that can never compare to a face-to-face event. Being from a smaller centre, the Regional Meetings are a great chance to have more personal contact with the head office team. They are also a great opportunity to learn from other advisors in the region and to see more suppliers.”

Hay says that TPI already has more than 50 exclusive networking and training events on the schedule for 2020.

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