TPI introduces customizable Wellness Program

TPI introduces customizable Wellness Program for its travel advisors

WINNIPEG — Travel Professionals International (TPI) has launched a benefits program available exclusively to TPI Advisors.

The TPI Wellness Program is currently rolling out in each province and territory across Canada with components specifically related to providing opt-in health and dental benefits coverage for the organization’s advisors.

“I’m pleased to announce the launch of our TPI Wellness Program which is the culmination of months of ideas and feedback from our advisors and review by the TPI Head Office Team and TPI Advisory Board,” said Tim Morgan, TPI Vice President. “The need for such a program comes from the fact that many TPI Advisors’ sole occupation/income is derived from their TPI business and as such they do not have a corporately-initiated health and dental benefits program. This will change starting today.”

To ensure that the varying needs of all of its advisors are met under the program, TPI has devised eight exclusive plans including the option for advisors to create their own customized plan.

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