Record-breaking meeting numbers at Trevello’s ‘Unlock the Future’ conference

TPI has a new name: Trevello Travel Group

TORONTO — Travel Professionals International (TPI) is changing its corporate brand name to Trevello Travel Group.

“Everything we do is driven by helping our Advisors succeed. We believe this next chapter will open many new infinite opportunities and possibilities for today’s travel entrepreneurs.” said Zeina Gedeon, CEO, Trevello Travel Group.

“We’ve got big plans and we knew that to achieve these plans, we needed to make ourselves uncomfortable and ensure we were ideally situated to expand our position as the pre-eminent host agency where the needs of our Advisors are fulfilled,” she added.

Gedeon says TPI’s modern travel entrepreneurs inspired the new name, noting that Trevello signifies natural leaders, independent, individualistic, extremely ambitious, original, courageous, explorers and innovators – all characteristics of today’s travel advisors.

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