Tourism Australia launches new video using innovative 8D audio

Tourism Australia launches new video using innovative 8D audio

TORONTO — The bucket-list destination of Australia seems closer than ever thanks to a newly launched video by Tourism Australia.

Called ‘Tune into Aus’ and launched in collaboration with Flight Facilities, the 90-second clip uses captivating imagery, music and 8D audio to inspire travellers to consider Australia once it safely reopens to international travel. Currently, only vaccinated Australians and permanent residents can travel in and out of Australia.

According to Tourism Australia’s Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison, the video was created to remind viewers of all that awaits them in the destination.

“Through the power of 8D audio, our collaboration with Flight Facilities brings to life that unique feeling you get when your Australian holiday kicks in, and we hope the video gets people all over the world excited about the return of travel to Australia,” she said.

‘Tune into Aus’ is the next iteration of Tourism Australia’s international content marketing program using 8D audio technology. ‘Australia in 8D,’ which launched in 2020, was a series of videos themed by colour and gave travellers a taste of what it was like to experience Australia firsthand from the comfort of their homes.

8D audio is a sound engineering treatment in which the music and effects sound like they’re coming from different directions while wearing headphones. The audio effect creates an immersive experience for the listener.

The video is scored by Flight Facilities’ live performance with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. All states and territories are featured in the video and includes such iconic landmarks as the Sydney Opera House, South Coast New South Wales, Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges and the Barossa Valley.

‘Tune into Aus’ launches globally on Tourism Australia’s YouTube channel,, its social channels as well as