Top destinations for solo female travellers

Top destinations for solo female travellers

TORONTO — What do solo female travellers look for in a destination? Well, I know that when I booked a two-month solo trip across Europe in my early 20s, I went in search of the three S’s: Sun, Sand and Safety. With no one else to fight your battles for us, solo female travellers tend to stick to places that are easily navigable and known for being hospitable.

Safety played a huge role in a recent list published by The Huffington Post called ‘11 Places To Travel As A Solo Female Traveler’. Answers were compiled from a survey conducted by travel website, which asked its membership to weigh in on the best destinations for women travelling alone. Participants responded with destinations they thought were safest while others submitted their favourite places based on the male-to-female ratio.

South Padres Island, Texas topped the list for the simple fact that “single men outnumber single women 8 to 1”, says local resident and Trippy member Michael Jones. Coming in at #2 is Madrid, Spain, praised for its culture and energetic vibe. And rounding out the top three is Scandinavia, whose cities like Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are renowned for being safe with a good quality of life.

Here is the complete list:

  1. South Padre Island, Texas
  2. Madrid, Spain
  3. Scandinavia
  4. Dublin, Ireland
  5. Reykjavik, Iceland
  6. Paris, France
  7. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  8. Split, Croatia
  9. Mykonos and Santorini, Greece
  10. Nepal
  11. Barcelona, Spain

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