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Top 2015 Destinations are Anaheim, Puerto Plata, Milan as per Resort Travel

Individuals should take every opportunity available to them to take a vacation in 2015, and they can make each of these vacations unique and extraordinary by choosing the perfect destinations for their trips. To help travelers plan upcoming getaways, Resort Travel offers suggestions on some great destinations that will be ideal for travel this year.

1.    Anaheim: When families are looking for an ideal destination to spend time at this year, they should absolutely consider a trip to Anaheim and Disneyland. Though Disneyland is a destination that many travelers appreciate every year, 2015 is sure to be especially extraordinary as the park gears up to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The festivities will include a number of spectacular events throughout the park, which will be starting in the spring.

2.    Puerto Plata: Resort Travel knows that the Dominican Republic is a stunning destination that many travelers enjoy each year, but most head straight for Punta Cana, which tends to be a very popular choice for travelers who choose the country. Puerto Plata is a great up and coming area that is much less crowded than its more popular alternative yet still offers plenty of entertainment for visitors to enjoy. Travelers are sure to enjoy the pristine beaches and the many attractions that are abundant when they visit stunning Puerto Plata in 2015.

3.    Milan: In 2015, this Italian city will host Expo, which is a huge draw and started off in May. Those who take the time to visit the city during the expo will be able to take advantage of the many attractions that have opened up within the city to please the plethora of new visitors. These attractions include museums as well as a new arts center. Milan will come alive this year, and Resort Travel wants travelers to take advantage of the stellar entertainment that will be available.

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