Risk Management

TMC panel to discuss ‘Travel Risk Management for your Clients’

TORONTO — e-Travel Technologies will be moderating a panel session on Travel Risk Management for your Clients at the Travel MarketPlace Conference in Toronto June 26/27.

The moderator is Don Churchill, President e-Travel Technologies Inc., and speakers include: Doug Crozier, principal Heifetz, Crozier, Law; Michael Pepper, President & CEO TICO, andKarl Higeli, President kdh Tech Solutions Inc.

The speakers will describe an employer’s Duty of Care obligations, TICO requirements, technology solutions and an agency’s opportunities for new business and increased revenues.

“As travel plans are constantly vulnerable to disruptive events including natural disasters, crime and unfortunate acts of terrorism, managing travel risks has become an increasingly onerous task for travel agents,” said Churchill. As a result, workplace safety was redefined to include whereever the employee is working, specifically travelling on behalf of the company. That’s why over 51 countries have Duty of Care legislation defining the responsibility of incorporated companies towards travelling employees, and it’s important that travel sellers understand what their role plays in this and how they can best serve their client. This interactive discussion features a panel that will describe how and why travel agencies should provide Duty of Care solutions to both corporate and leisure clients and how this will contribute to customer loyalty and increased revenue opportunities.”

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