Susan Abramowitz (MCHF); Thomas Rainaud, Jimmy Stavropoulos and Ryan Saroli from Agencia Global; Susan Elias (MCHF)

‘Tis the season of giving, with Agencia Global

MONTREAL — Agencia Global wanted to end the year on a positive note. With that in mind the Montreal-based company decided to give back to its community and in particular, to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which has been instrumental in providing world-class care for tens of thousands of children per year, as well as support for their families.

To raise money Agencia Global says it reached out to its airline partners with an intriguing offer: 100% of the dollars that airlines spent on promotional marketing on the Agencia Global booking platform for the month of December would be donated to the hospital. The underlying message? ‘Promote your product to travel agents for a good cause.’

Despite most of their budgets already being allocated, many airlines responded positively to the request. Agencia Global says Delta, Air Canada, WestJet, Singapore Airlines, Air Transat, China Southern Airlines, Air New Zealand, Ukraine International Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Icelandair, SriLankan Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines were among the generous partners who participated in the effort.

These donations, combined with those of employees, friends and families, resulted in Agencia Global raising $25,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

All the money will go towards the Craniofacial Surgery program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, a program that provides ‘gold standard’ surgical and clinical treatment for children who have congenital anomalies to the head, skull, face, neck and jaws.

The money raised will support an elite team of specialists that includes neurosurgery, dentistry, orthodontics, speech pathology, audiology, genetics and respiratory medicine, among others.

Every year, the MCH’s craniofacial team follows 200 patients who require all day and multiple surgeries, and long-term follow-up.

The program not only saves lives, it changes them. Agencia Global says: “It is a privilege to be able to support such a life-changing program, and we hope to do even more in the years to come.”

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