Charged: Jacco Tours

TICO board approves 19 claims against Comp Fund

TORONTO — TICO’s Board of Directors has approved 19 claims against the Ontario Travel Compensation Fund.

The claims total $32,966 to assist 27 consumers who did not receive the travel services for which they had paid.

The approved claims are …

  • Fly Jamaica Airways: Seven claims to assist nine consumers, totalling $9,570
  • Jet Airways: Six claims to assist seven consumers, totalling $4,088
  • Sunmed Holidays Inc.: Six claims to assist 11 consumers, totalling $19,308

One claim was denied. The claim, totalling $4,188, was filed by two consumers against Sunmed Holidays Inc. The consumers were claiming for the value of a future travel voucher (credit) provided by Sunmed Holidays Inc. as a goodwill gesture. As TICO notes, the travel services were cancelled by the claimant and were 100% non-refundable at the time of cancellation.

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