This woman has a genius way of staying cool on London Tube

LONDON — What do you do when you can’t beat the heat? Bring the cool air with you, wherever you go.

This is exactly what one London commuter did to stay cool while on the Tube. Caught on video by a fellow commuter, the unidentified woman was spotted on the Central Line carting around a fan.

No, not one of those handheld miniature fans. A full-sized, plug-into-the-socket, standing fan.

The eyewitness who shot the video told that despite having no electrical socket to plug the fan in, the woman made it work by strategically placing it next to an open window.

“I was like, ‘how’s the fan going to work inside the train?’ But the window was open and the wind was making the fan work,” he said.

This woman is clearly living in 2039 while the rest of us are sweating our butts off!

The Central Line, one of London’s oldest lines that dates back to the year 1900, runs at least 20 metres underground. With no air conditioning and lack of ventilation, this deep-level train often makes for a stifling commute, especially when temps in London often peak at 40C.

Londoners will have to wait until 2030 for air conditioned trains on the Central Line, says Transport for London. In the meantime, they can find temporary relief from the heat on 192 other air-conditioned tube trains as well as industrial-sized fans and chiller units on older parts of the Tube network.

Or, they can just follow one’s lead and bring their own fan along for the ride.