This map hilariously shows every pub in the U.K.

This map hilariously shows every pub in the U.K.

LONDON — What would a map of all the pubs in the U.K. look like? A massive, red blob that engulfs every square inch of land mass, apparently.

A map that was recently posted to Reddit claims to show every pub in the United Kingdom, a feat in and of itself considering how many places there are in the U.K. to enjoy a pint. Once all markers were dropped, the end result is a hilarious floating mass of red tear drops with little to no room for much else.

I’m sure it’s already been posted but just seen it again on twitter: All the pubs in the United Kingdom! from r/MapPorn

As Reddit user pointthinker hilariously writes, “The U.K. has a drinking problem for sure.”

And another user, valhyl, makes one hell of a suggestion: “Ultimate Pub Crawl?”

We’re in – who else?

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