This dance off between a woman and an alpaca will be the best thing you’ll see today

TORONTO — Everyone loves a good dance off, just ask Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. But we doubt this former superstar couple could hold their own against a recently discovered dancing alpaca.

In a video taken by Becky Jadee and uploaded to Youtube earlier this year, a sprightly alpaca is seen challenging Jadee’s partner to an epic dance battle on a field in an undetermined location.

Separated by two wooden fences, the two proceed to throw it down using their best dance moves. After Jadee’s partner hops and gallops on one side of the fence, she motions to the alpaca to counter.

Credit: Becky Jadee

The alpaca then kicks all four of its legs in the air, does a quick pirouette and looks back over the fence as if to say, “Bring it.”

Jadee’s partner once again does a few hops and throws it back to her competitor across the fence.

This time, the alpaca really shows off by galloping the entire perimeter of the enclosed yard.

For round three, Jadee’s partner jumps up and down and waves her arms in the air. She then points to the alpaca and says, “Your turn!”

After a brief pause, the animal throws its head back and prances off like a seasoned ballerina while the two women laugh hysterically.

So, after three intense rounds, who do you think won the dance battle? The verdict’s still out but there’s one thing we know for sure – this talented alpaca can never be accused of having two – or rather, four – left feet!