These are the world’s best vacation destinations – do you agree?
The Louvre, Paris, France

These are the world’s best vacation destinations – do you agree?

WASHINGTON — Planning and pulling off the best vacations in the world can be a monumental task for agents. But luckily, there’s now a handy list that compiles the best of the best for easy reference.

U.S. News & World Report, publisher of Best Hotels, Best Cruise Lines and Best Travel Rewards Programs, has just released its annual rankings of the Best Vacation Destinations featuring tried and true favourites as well as a few surprises.

The new rankings highlight the World’s Best Places to Visit as well as region-specific lists, including USA, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.

So if your clients need a bit of travel inspiration, here are the top 10 rankings for each list:

World’s Best Places to Visit:

  1. Paris
  2. Yellowstone
  3. Rome
  4. Tahiti
  5. London
  6. South Island, New Zealand
  7. Phuket
  8. Grand Canyon
  9. Dubai
  10. New York City

Best Places to Visit in the USA:

  1. Yellowstone
  2. Maui
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Yosemite
  5. New York City
  6. San Francisco
  7. Washington, D.C.
  8. Honolulu, Oahu
  9. Boston
  10. Lake Tahoe

Best Places to Visit in Canada:

  1. Jasper National Park
  2. Banff
  3. Niagara Falls
  4. Victoria & Vancouver Island
  5. Vancouver
  6. Prince Edward Island
  7. Quebec City
  8. Montreal
  9. Whistler
  10. Toronto

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean:

  1. British Virgin Islands
  2. Lucia
  3. S. Virgin Islands
  4. Turks & Caicos
  5. Vincent & The Grenadines
  6. Barts
  7. Anguilla
  8. Curacao
  9. Cayman Islands
  10. Antigua

Best Places to Visit in Europe:

  1. Paris
  2. Rome
  3. London
  4. Florence
  5. Venice
  6. Barcelona
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Santorini
  9. Swiss Alps
  10. Prague

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